The most curious part of the the thing was, that the trees and the other things round them never changed their places at all; however fast they went, they never seemed to pass anything. “I wonder if all the things move along with us?” thought poor puzzled Alice. And the Queen seemed to guess her thoughts, for she cried, “Faster! Don’t try to talk!”

–Lewis Carrol, Through the Looking Glass

The Red King is a tongue-in-cheek rip-off of a concept from evolutionary biology, “The Red Queen”.

The TRQ concept basically states that evolution can be thought of as an arms race — living organisms evolving better defenses against viruses and bacteria, viruses evolving more virulent strains of themselves to overcome these defenses, and so on.

The very term “The Red Queen” is derived from Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass, in which the fictional Red Queen was always running as fast as she can just to stay in place.

There is, in fact, a very good book written on the subjected entitled The Red Queen. It’s a good book , so I pimp it as widely as I can.

The Red King concept is my attempt to bring scientific and philosophical insight to cultural commentary about men, women, sex, dating life, and feminism/masculinism.

We may be stuck running in place, but we can at least have a sense of humor about it.


4 Responses to “About The Red King”

  1. ggwfung Says:

    it is a great book. Matt Ridley’s gone on to a few more books, but it looks like his heart and soul went into his first work.

    As is so often the case (I think of Anthony Bordain and Kitchen Confidential), that breakthrough work sums up a life’s thoughts,

    And two or three years can’t capture that much more experience.

    Great choice of title,


  2. apunkcatinspace Says:

    I think that we share a lot in common about our blogs. Relationships and social commentary with a twist of pop culture… Keep on commenting!

  3. Laws Says:

    I’ve read about a dozen posts, and still can’t decide whether you’re a retard or a genius.

    I agreee with this 100% however:

    “Driving a 2-ton piece of metal at speeds up to 70 mph while under the influence of a central nervous system suppressant is a little bit different than letting you boyfriend stick his pee-pee in your hoohah.”

    Hooray for the ‘hoohah’.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I ran across your blog randomly… What happened? You’re great! I love your writing… why did you stop? 😦

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