Feminism’s Greatest Mistake

February 12, 2007

There is one other thing I cannot endorse about feminism.

By telling women that they have been oppressed for centuries by “The Patriarchy”, and calling them to liberate themselves by rejecting the basic social codes of the Western world, which were supposed to be constructed by men to keep them in chains (and therefore ought to be regarded as inherently destructive), feminism has effectively declared war on a number of very desirable social traits.

Consider the body of social conventions and behavioral proscriptions that feminism rails against:

– nurturing and care-giving (”sexist”, feminists say)
– moderation in words and actions
– taking compliments, thanking behavior
– kindness
– accommodation
– respect
– modesty
– decorum

Quite a collection of reprehensible, disgusting habits, no? It’s only NATURAL feminism would revolt against them! After all, they are plainly tools designed solely in the interest of enslaving women to eeeeevil forces of Patriarchy.

And this is only a partial list of values and conventions latter-day feminists have fought to destroy, to replace them with, as far as I can tell, just one overarching rule:

“Follow your feelings.”

That’s it. That’s the aggregate message of 2nd and 3rd wave feminism: “Guess what, girls! You don’t have to be nice anymore! In fact, be a BITCH! Be LOUD! Be IMMODEST! Be IMPOLITE! SLEEP AROUND! Throw off tho yoke of those patriarchical social conventions that made you so mute, dumb and boring! Have some ATTITUDE! And, above all….follow your feelings.”

“If it feels good, do it. After all, that’s what men do!”

“If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.”

And in that single sweep, feminism “liberated” women from decency in social conventions and enslaved them to their own shifting emotions.

You see, emotions, while a very important source of information, are not and never will be Facts; and divorcing women from Facts while encouraging them to make their decisions using Feelings is morally ruinous.

A fact, for example, might be as follows: “I said I’d come back and pick up my friends after the bars closed.”

In the old days, before feminism destroyed the “sexist social codes” that taught women things like kindness, accommodation and respect, a woman might have followed a thought process like this:

“Hmm, I told my friends I’d go back and pick them up. But I’m really tired now! And this cute boy is calling me on the phone. I really want to just stay home…..BUT, I promised them, and I have to keep my word. So I’ll call the boy back tomorrow and drive out to get them. I’ll be a good friend.”

Now, however, it’s a different story:

“Hmm, I told my friends I’d go back and pick them up. But I’m really tired now! And this cute boy is calling me on the phone. Fuck those whores, they can take care of themselves.”

This destruction of the aforementioned values in women’s minds has had an imprisoning effect, not a liberating one. Now, women are subject to their own selfish whims, rather than the social conventions of “good behavior”. And while I love my naughty girls as much as the next guy, I absolutely *cannot abide* what feminism has replaced those social niceties with:

– lying
– infidelity
– betrayal
– flakiness
– lack of integrity
– manipulation
– extreme competitiveness
– extreme jealousy
– opportunism

Women are encouraged in these behaviors. It is “throwing off the yoke of the male oppressor”. It is “getting theirs”. It is “following their feelings”.

Modern-day feminism — 2nd and 3rd wave — is, at root, an intellectual pattern of values that is seeking to free women from social constructs in favor of biological decisionmaking. Now this intellectual pattern has gone out of control, in places flatly denying biological differences between the genders — the theory of gender being “socially constructed” — and seeking through this anything-goes emotional liberation to destroy the good social rules.

Emotional decision-making is a biological process; biological processes ought to be contained and mediated by social processes. The urge to murder, or the urge to rape, are biological processes that are kept in check by a strong social process — law and order, the cop with the gun, and the court and criminal justice system.

So the problems brought on by modern-day feminism: women’s unrestrained sexual expression, ceaseless competition, physical aggression, and somatic decision-making — have been set free from their social constraints and are now resulting in a degradation of the very cultures where women are considered most politically liberated.

This is what radical Muslims are reacting to when they speak about the immorality of Western women: they are bearing witness to biological instincts being let free to dominate social and intellectual constraints. They recognize that this process is inherently immoral, since the social pattern of values that kept woman’s natural biological urges in check are what allowed the intellectual level to flourish in the first place.

The entire thing is a process of degradation and backsliding; and feminism, as a movement, needs to snap out of it before the social patterns collapse completely, taking the intellectual patterns with them, and leaving only the biological laws of the jungle, chaotic, confused, and answering to no one.

It is modern-day feminism that has proven true the statement made by Jack Nicholson’s character in the film As Good as It Gets , when asked how he writes such convincing female characters: “I think of a man. Then I take away reason and accountability.”

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