Flipping Off Hot Girls

February 10, 2007

First, watch this video:

Now, despite the rather sophomoric nature, ask yourself the following question:

Q: If the video had been about a woman walking around flipping off hot guys, and one of the hot guys had flipped out and BEAT UP the woman asking the questions, what would have happened to that guy?

A: Assault and battery charges, conviction, and jail time.

So why was it OK for the woman in the video to beat up the guy?

Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot — there is a double standard in feminism that says that, while a guy can’t lay a finger on a girl in anger or risk assault charges, a lawsuit, and an automatic conviction (since the police and court system automatically takes the woman’s word for it), it’s perfectly alright for a GIRL to assault a GUY, and all he can do is curl up into a little ball and take it.

Notice the guy’s large bruise after his assault. Notice also that his friend and a CAMERA trained on the entire incident, creating a VIDEO RECORD that could be taken to the police to press charges.

Is saying “Fuck you” to a girl really enough provocation to get your ass kicked? How many girls say “Fuck you” (or “Fuck off!”) to guys every day? Do you think society would tolerate all the guys responding to those words by beating the shit out of women who said them? I think not.

So why does this one woman get away with it?

Notice also that, after assaulting the offending guy, she turns and starts running towards the cameraman, who has to flee for his own safety. She is in full attack mode and she knows she can assault with impunity since no man in his right mind would try to press charges against a woman, even with video evidence, given the current atmosphere of the U.S. criminal justice system.

If you argue that “men are stronger than women and will therefore hurt them more!” I not only call bullshit on your physiology, but bullshit on the double-standard: feminism want to say that men and women are EQUAL, but they don’t want EQUAL TREATMENT, as I discuss in My Beef with Feminism.

No, what they’re looking for in feminism is more like a blank check to misbehave with impunity and without repercussion. It’s the Spoiled Princesses’ Dream: “I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me!”

Truly sad.