The Arabian Method of Genital Hair Removal

February 3, 2007

One of the more controversial articles I’ve written (so far), Hair Maintenance and the Heterosexual Relationship, deals with my personal preference for clean-shaven women and some stories of men trying to get their girlfriends to “go clean”.

I want to revisit the topic just briefly, only long enough to describe a method of hair removal that I believe trumps all the others in terms of cleanliness, low cost, effectiveness, ease of use, and lack of pain.

I once had a girlfriend from Saudi Arabia, and she (like most Muslim women) used a very unique method of hair maintenance that I had never come across before: sugar and water.

What this woman (and apparently most Muslim women) did is mix sugar and water into a sort of slurry or toffee-consistency. Now, Arabian society isn’t much into measuring, but this girl always used what looked like maybe 1.5 – 2 cups of sugar to about a half-cup of water. In other words, about 2-3x as much sugar as water.

Then she’d mix it together, adding the juice of two lemons and a tablespoon of sesame oil, and cook it just until the sugar began browning.

Immediately once the concoction got to the color of toffee, before the sugar could continue cooking, she’d pour the entire thing out onto the counter – but only on marble or tile, prepared with olive oil to prevent sticking. If she didn’t have a marble or tile counter she’d use a cooking sheet. She’d then knead it with a spoon to prevent it from hardening.

If she didn’t use it right away, she would store it right away as soon as it cooled enough, and re-heat it later (in hot water or the microwave). When she did use it, it was an amount about the size of a teaspoon, used in the same manner as waxing, to remove small areas of hair at a time (applying it to too large an area = pain).

This is a great technique – not only does it remove hair, but also dead skin, and the lemon juice and sesame oil work together to add a natural fragrance and help keep the skin extremely soft. Like most hair maintenance methods, the more often you do it, the less painful it is, and this woman had done it so often and regularly over her adult life that even if she didn’t do it for a while, her actual hair growth was very sparse. She used it on her arms, legs, underarms and genital hair, and did everything at once, and she was soft *all over*.

I also liked it because it caused no stubble, no bumps, and (for her) no redness or irritation.

I think of all the other Western women I’ve been with who go to such great lengths to shave in a very long, drawn-out process with three types of moisturizer, a triple-bladed brand-new Venus with moisturizing pad, a 20-minute hot tub soak beforehand, zinc, Aveeno shaving cream, witch hazel extract, tea tree oil — a woman could go broke buying all the accessories necessary for a good, close shave — but the Arabian Method I just detailed above does it all for the price of sugar, water, olive oil and sesame oil, and it gives better results.

So point your girlfriend / wife / fuck buddy to this post. It will save her money, effort, AND pain, and she should thank you for that.


2 Responses to “The Arabian Method of Genital Hair Removal”

  1. Michelle Says:

    What did she use to remove the wax with since she made the mock-wax herself and did not buy a waxing kit?

  2. Jasmin Says:

    I have often had this method of hair removal practiced upon me at the cosmetican (for quite a sum of money), but recently I began doing it myself. You do not apply the wax into the direction of hair growth or remove it with any sort of other appliances . You must make sure the wax is warm (not too hot so you don’t burn youself), apply it against the direction of hair growth, so it gets stuck to the hair (this is the most painful bit, actually). You then just pull it off in the direction of hair growth, close the the skin. If you pull it upward you may be likely to have rashes… then again I don’t know, since I never made the mistake. In between applying the wax, mold it a bit in your hands.
    The first time I did a whole brazilian waxing at home, using this method, it took me up to two hours, whereas a professional does it in 30 minutes. So be patient! I guess with patience and the right amount of ingredients, it’ll work out just fine! Practice makes perfect and the results make it worth while!

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